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We extend our heartfelt thanks to you, our supporters! These families are successful and stable because of your generosity!

“This is a wonderful program and I’m grateful. All the families have to do is follow the rules. Do what you’re asked and you’ll make it! Today, I’m stable and it was all because of the Family Care Center. I have hope today and thank God for you. I had never sat down and set a budget. I learned a lot and was willing to work the program. I want to come back and volunteer.”

“I was so upset and didn’t know what to do. They didn’t judge me and just listened guiding me through the process – this is how we can help you and that was such a relief. I knew from that moment on, where you got your name – the Family Care Center. My girls got off the bus, we had dinner, did homework – my girls prayed thankfully at night and we knew we had a home. I never felt like anybody looked down on me or was judgmental and understood that sometimes, things happen.”

“That day, I came over and that very day that we put in an application and talked to the counselors, they said, “you know what, we can help you, let us help you – come in and we’ll show you what to do.” We had never had dinner as a family, just the five of us and that first night we were in the apartment here, we had dinner together as a family. It was very precious.”