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Family Care Center teaches our guests life-skills so that they can improve their budgeting skills, find employment and transition into permanent housing. Our rent-free program is a one-time only opportunity which encourages independence and self sufficiency.

Due to the number of families waiting for our services, guests usually have three to four months to complete the program without future consideration for returning. Follow-up services, however, may be provided.

Weekly counseling sessions with our social worker are required and additional counseling is available on request. Most of our guests have never received guidance on issues such as budgeting and constructive resolution of personal difficulties. These are often the times when lives are redirected.

Guests must have a job upon admission or soon thereafter. We provide resources and assistance for their job search. They must save at least $75.00- $100.00 a week which will enable them to move into permanent housing. Since 1988, 85 percent of our guests who complete the program have made that transition.

Each family is required to

  • Be a US citizen
  • Develop a budget and live within it
  • Save at least $75-100 a week
  • Attend weekly counseling sessions
  • Follow housing and life style rules
  • Participate in at least 3 life-skills workshops