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Family Care Center of Catawba Valley, Inc. serves homeless families with dependent children through an emergency residential program. We offer physical, emotional, social and educational services to assist families in the transition to becoming self-sufficient. The Center, founded on Judeo-Christian principles, ministers to all persons without discrimination.

Family Care Center’s mission provides two basic components:

Emergency component – The emergency component offers a conditional 30 day emergency shelter program which enables families to stabilize and establish income. Successful graduates of the emergency program can continue in the program and begin to put their lives back together.
Support and services – Support is offered to each family through social work case management; assistance in finding employment; educational opportunities and life-skills workshops, school tutoring and other activities for children. Families meet with our social worker each week and strive to move forward into permanent housing.

Family Care often compares its programs to the average household’s approach to helping families in need. When a household opens its doors to a family in need, the household will normally require that the family in need abide by certain rules, keep the house clean, meet certain expectations, and respect the homeowners that are providing the opportunity for the family in need to get back on their feet. As guests in the household, they understand that their stay is conditional and that they must obey the rules. It is also based on the idea that progress will be made and that the goal is for the family to become stable and able to survive independently.

Our agency works closely with human service agencies in the area to assist families with any issues blocking their path to independence.